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Who is GoaliePow? He used to be my son before he thought up this name and started his new career as a YouTuber. I think the hardware has gone to the boy's head. As an accomplished Cub Scout, Soccer and Hockey/ Ringette Player, Lawson has racked up a good number of awards, not just of the participation variety. He's now moved on to Goalie and accolade train remains on track with a number of MVP awards last season for game play in tournaments, for his team over all and the Penalty Free Hockey Development Centre for Ontario MVP Award for 2018. is a father and son project aimed at education, documenting a goalies progression from it's onset, promoting a YouTube Channel and having a little fun doing it.

Our views may differ from the conventional norm from time to time and we look forward to your input. However the opinions are that of the small one A.K.A. GoaliePow, or based on observation of his skills and how they are affected as seen by myself and his goalie coach. As an example, can you do a nice straight power push with a pair of player skates? My guess is with enough practice, yes... however it is far easier with goalie skates, the difference in our case is the difference between a near flawless exicution of the drill and being able to go easily from one end of the rink to the other like that OR with player skates just push around in circles with very little footing. Spend $20 on a used pair of goalie skates if you are unsure, there is no point in making learing that much harder on your child... the difference is so great that it completely blows my mind when coaches say you can get by with player skates for the first few years. Best $20 we have spent so far, hands down... that being said for about the same money you can get your player skates reground by a competent skate sharpener so they have the same profile and hollow which would be a good start but leave you without a good pair of skate to play out with as the turning radius and attack angle is going to be harsh. Once you see the difference, like us, you will be back to the shop and trading in that $20 pair of goalie skates for someone else to try and investing more money in what I feel is one of the easiest areas to gain an advantage.

That being said GoaliePow is, at the creation of this site, in grade 3... they don't teach English until grade 4... if part of the page is writen as he was writing it, it was likely relayed from him and written by me. The same goes for his other social media accounts, his ideas that he wants to express, my bad spelling and grammar. He can read and write in English from what he has picked up at home on his own, we are hoping that the more of this he does himself, the better he will get... hence you see where the education comes in, it's not a oneway street, he is gaining from this experience.

Please take time to browse through the GoaliePow facebook page, twitter feed and YouTube channel as new content will be added frequently. There is a nice selection of usefull information, especially for the new goaltenders, some humour tossed in for those of all ages, colouring pages, links to other sites we have found useful... all the video is in HD so it's fun to watch on the TV (at this point sound is a little sketchy but we are working on that) AND REMEMBER... if you like something you see there, log into YouTube Hit the Like Button so we know what you want to see more of and SMASH SUBSCRIBE to keep up to date on all our new content. Thanks!

2019-2020 Season Update
Last year was fun, I started to play Ringette half way through the season and finished as the top goalie in my tounament in Sudbury and finished as top goalie in the play off tournament in Sault Ste Marie. My team was a Minor Novice team but we played with the Major Novice teams because they were more fun to play against. This season I will have more stuff about Ringette on my YouTube Channel. I also got a new camera so we can set it up to cover more of the ice when we record games, please like and subscribe to my channel. Thanks

2021-2022 Season Update
In hockey I tried out for the AA team in Timmins for the first time. The team was a little shakey in the first part of the year but improved steadily over the season. At the end of the year we proved to be well deserving a place in the Division and the team made it out of the qualifing rounds the first time in their history. I wracked up a number of MVP awards and put up some impressive stats to help get the team into the final game. I was totally spent, we sent out the backup goalie for the final game, we were winning for the first half of the game but as we wore out, the other team was well rested from getting a bye to the finals, we started to lose ground, in the end we only came up a goal short of the Championship at the ToC for the 2022 Season. I had lots of fun this year, made lots of friends and want to try out for the team again next year.

In Ringette this year we were low on players due to COVID Restrictions and interuptions during last season. We managed to put together enough players to make a U12 team although a few of the players were brought up from U10 to play with us. Even short players and spending a lot of time on the ice each game, we managed to keep our energy levels up and play some strong consistant games over the season. Time was split from playing in net and playing out. During one game out I managed to get a hat trick in 34 seconds. That might be a new world record in Ringette. At the end of the year the play-offs were in North Bay, the birth place of Ringette, and out of the 6 games we played I managed to get 4 shutout against teams from the big cities with full benches of 18 players. We dominated the season and took the final game in a 7 to 2 victory to Win the Regional Championship. The inventor of the sport's son handed out the Championship Medals to our team.

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