T-Shirts are Ready to Order!!!

We will be selling GoaliePow clothing and stickers to fund donations to clubs in the north. Many goalies start with the gear the clubs have on hand, unfortunately equipment is lacking, in poor repair, sub par or so old that it's not conducive to modern styles of play or offer little protection compared to what is available today.

We've teamed up with O'REILLY SPORTS in Timmins to bring you our GoaliePow Shirts. Purchase your shirt online from O'REILLY SPORTS and the proceeds go directly into a fund to purchase goalie gear for those in need. Every goalie needs a lucky GoaliePow shirt, wear it under your gear and Keep the Pucks Out... and don't forget to feel good about it, knowing that it's helping to build more goalies and keep them safe in the net.


High Quality PVC Water Resistant GoaliePow Stickers, put them on your goaliestick, put them on a puck, put them on your car, use them to tape tape up Christmas presents... the possibilities are endless...

Stickers are $3 each or 2 for $5 / Pucks are $5 each... to order, please send us an email and let us know your mailing address or where we can drop them off and we can work out payment at that time. Currently we have no stock on the Ringette stickers, we will order those soon.

Our goal is to make trying to play goalie in introductory ice sports safe, fun and available to all.

We will also be accepting donations of gently used goalie gear, as we try to get basic minimums met for our current local tenders. What it comes down to is player gear is not a safe option at the Novice level... period. Youth goalie knee guards, proper goalie pants, goalie jocks and chesties are often over looked leaving many areas vulnerable to pucks and sticks.

Contact us and Place Sticker/Puck orders at rodandheather@gmail.com

- Check out O'Reilly's Website